Want to run be able to run faster? (If you answer no, you’re lying 🤣)

Resilience Rehab & Performance offer programming and coaching models for linear speed development, as well as technical models for both acceleration and absolute speed.

Whether you want to optimise your full sprinting mechanics for the 100m event, or want to get faster for your chosen sport, there are many options that can help you get that tiny but extremely valuable edge over your opponent.

After learning from some of the best and most experienced speed coaches around today, the methods utilised by Resilience Rehab have been proven successful with athletes in the NFL combine (also continuing into their NFL career) and the worldwide elite sprint community.

The primary concepts in speed development that we focus on at Resilience are;


  • Ability of the lower limbs to absorb and produce force rapidly
  • Foundational quality 


  • Optimal instruction/cueing to achieve biomechanical aims
  • Error identification and correction to minimise energy leakage
  • Both attentional focus and correct cueing are lacking in current speed development coaching and can be the difference between an athlete remembering or forgetting what they are taught
  • Technique has been identified in the current evidence base as one of the major underpinning causes of soft tissue (namely hamstring) injuries

Speed programming

  • Like any form of training, after technique is optimal there needs to be optimal dosage of volume and intensity of running to achieve stimulation and not annihilation of the nervous system and joints

2020 NRL Dally M Player of the Year Jack Wighton (Canberra Raiders) improving his top speed biomechanics with Resilience

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