Whether your goal is returning to smashing your training goals as a weekend warrior or returning to competitive level sport and performance, the return to sport process is a crucial part of your rehabilitation. 

After return to run criteria has been achieved as a part of land-based strength rehabilitation and you are ready to begin running again, it is crucial to make a gradual transition and not try to restart from the levels you were pre-injury.

Adequate attention to detail and due diligence must be utilised to re-expose the body to load and volume, to slowly build its capacity back to pre-injury levels. With this progressive approach, there is a high chance of successful return to sport and significant risk reduction of symptoms returning with activity or even worse, re-injury.

Stages of rehab running:

Straight line running

  • Quality running mechanics
  • Build up capacity and volume

Intro to change of direction (COD)

  • Change of direction mechanics

Anticipated COD

  • Minimise distractions and practice scenarios

Unanticipated COD – end stage competitive 

  • Sport and activity specific
  • Make it unpredictable while maintaining mechanics (sport is unpredictable)

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