Athletic development is a process of creating and progressing the foundational, key athletic skills that athletes require to minimise their risk of injury, but also to be strong, powerful and move as efficiently as possible. These skills are considered non-sport specific and are for general training adaptations. 

Learning the foundations of strength and cardiovascular training at a young age will reduce the risk of future injury, build strong, resilient and powerful bodies allowing for greater athletic potential later on when the opportunities of sport arrive.

Aims of athletic development:

  • Fundamentals of strength training
  • Hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, carry
  • Full joint mobility (range of motion)
  • Joint stability 
  • Efficient and effective mechanics when running, jumping, landing, hopping
  • Learn how to properly accelerate and decelerate
  • Minimise the risk of non-contact soft tissue injury 

This development process should be guided by coaches with extensive strength and conditioning experience. The coaches at Resilience Rehab & Performance are ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association) and ESSA (Exercise Sports Science Australia) accredited and have worked with both amateur and professional athletes and teams to achieve both their team and individual goals. 

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