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Hayden is working with amateur and professional sporting athletes with exceptional interests in rehabilitation and chronic pain. Taking advantage of his education & exercise knowledge, Hayden delivers client-centred care that is exclusive to each individual he works with, all under evidence-based practice. He has expertise in handling people with cardiopulmonary, metabolic, neurological, cancer and mental health issues.

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Our Mission

Resilience Rehab's mission is to make sure that you lessen the risk of re-injury and are entrusted with the tools you require to be physically active and bring about performance in the fields that matter to you. We treat and advise on a range of conditions like cardiopulmonary, cancer, metabolic, neurological and mental health, Resilience Rehab brings solutions to improve mobility, increase physicality and enhance your performance in all areas of life. With a priority on education and physical expertise, we cater to athletes of all backgrounds - from amateurs and young professional sporting athletes and weekend champions alike.

Teams and players worked with
  • NRL and Jersey Flegg Canberra Raiders – NRL team (assist speed and agility program), Jersey Flegg assist rehabilitation program
  • Wigan Warriors Super League – individual player
  • NSW blues – individual player
  • Australia Kangaroos – individual player
  • Plus 500 Brumbies – individual player
  • Australia Wallabies - individual player
  • Canberra Royals Rugby Union – first and second grade speed development program
  • Woden Valley Rams Rugby League – individual players
  • Canberra Grammar School Senior Rugby - senior and junior squad joint SnC head coach

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